The American Tradition 

of the Goddess

(aka Amtrad)

What exactly, is Amtrad?

By Raven, Matriarch of the American Tradition of the Goddess


The American Tradition of the Goddess is a Wiccan tradition that began in the mid 1980s. Three solitaires came together and began to honor the Goddess and the earth. After a year or so, three more friends joined us in our worship. As we attended public events, more inquiries were made as to what we taught. In 1991, we wrote coven bylaws and formalized our initiation process. Over the next year, we wrote the tenets of the American Tradition of the Goddess and instituted a three degree system.

The American Tradition of the Goddess is a teaching tradition of earth magic. Our emphasis is on living our craft in thought, word, and deed. We honor the Triple Goddess and the Triple God. We see the Goddess in all Her aspects as the creative force and the God as Her consort and counselor. We follow the cycles of the sun, moon, and seasons, and celebrate the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year. We explore the ancient myths and legends of many pantheons and cultures through teaching and ritual, while utilizing our members creativity in the presentation. 

Students of this tradition begin study and are first taught the basics tenets of Wicca in our rainbow year. After this time of study, a first degree initiation may follow. At a first degree initiation, the person is considered a witch and is asked to do one of the sabbats that year. After no less than a year and a day, a second degree initiation may be granted. At this point, the person is considered a priest or priestess and is asked to teach the rainbow year. When another year and a day pass, a third degree initiation may occur. A person at this point is given the title High Priest or High Priestess and may circle out to form a study group of this tradition. A third degree priestess may be granted autonomy by her Mother Priestess if she has a coven which consists of at least two other initiates and works the full cycle of the Wheel of the Year.

On a more personal note, my name is Raven. I was the leader by default, so to speak as myself and two friends began this tradition.  I am the matriarch of the American Tradition of the Goddess.  In 1996, the mother coven: Circle of the Moon, became a member of the Covenant of the Goddess also  known as COG. For anyone who thinks creating a tradition is easy, they are very wrong. It took ten years of hard work both from myself and my coven to get things moving, but by the grace of the Goddess we were successful. 

To those seeking a coven or a teacher, we believe in the old adage of when a student is ready, a teacher will appear and the teacher will be able to teach. We also believe that a person's sincerity will be the key to their relationship with the Goddess. She knows what is in your heart and where your sincerity lies.

Bright Blessings,


High Priestess of Circle of the Moon

Matriarch of the American Tradition of the Goddess

May, 1997

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