Circle of the Well and Flame

Warm Greetings and Welcome!

Circle of the Well and Flame is an American Tradition of the Goddess (AmTrad) Coven located in Cleburne, TX. We are the daughter coven of Circle of the Sacred Fae and granddaughter coven of the AmTrad mother coven Circle of the Moon. We view Wicca as a religion and in doing so, abide by the Wiccan Rede. Wicca is not something to be dusted off and used once a month. It is not part of an RPG, nor is it something you claim to be a part of just for people’s reactions. The path we walk is difficult but so rewarding. 

The Goddess and God (in all their aspects), the Fae, and our Ancient Ones are honored in our circle. Our magickal teachings are of folk magick, working with all forms of life seen and unseen and healing of the mind, body and soul. We work with the energy gained through music, dance, trance and meditation. We believe in the balance of all things in nature and work on finding that balance within ourselves. Part of our ability to maintain balance comes in the form of volunteering in our community. Circle of the Well and Flame works with and studies numerous cultures and a variety of deities. We honor the turning of the Wheel of the Year by celebrating the Sabbats, Full Moons, New Moons and Blood Moons.

The High Priestess of Circle of the Well and Flame is (Me) Vega, a member of the Wiccan Community since 2004 and an active member of AmTrad since 2010 upon initiation into Circle of the Sacred Fae. I have been a part of and have orchestrated several public rituals, within the AmTrad and The Covenant of the Goddess community. As your high priestess, it is my privilege and duty to help you with your journey of self-discovery and provide a safe place of worship and spiritual growth. 

Interviewing for potential students begins at Midsummer and continues through to Mabon. Due to our coven working together so closely, only a handful of students will be selected during an open year. We are looking for those who can help build a cohesive relationship between people’s energies and personalities. This coven is also a family so bonding, and trust is crucial. Our Rainbow Year classes and Moons are every other Sunday beginning at Mabon. After attending Ethics and Etiquette class, a student can attend Full Moons and Sabbats, as well as public rituals. Once a student initiates, they are then permitted to attend New Moons. Female initiates will attend the Feminine Mysteries known as Blood Moons and Male initiates will attend Male Mysteries known as Stag Moons. 

If you choose to pursue becoming a member of a coven, please be sure to ask a lot of questions. Also, be sure to check out the “Seekers’ Bill of Rights.” It is important for you to feel comfortable. At no time should anyone in Circle of the Well and Flame, or any other coven ask you to do something that compromises your safety, security or comfort. If you feel it in your soul, that you might be a future part of this coven or if you have any questions, please contact me at Best of luck on your quest.

Brightest Blessings, Seeker!