Circle of the Serpent

Merry Meet!

Welcome to Circle of the Serpent! We are a circle with roots that delve deep into the tapestry of the magical tradition known as Amtrad. Founded in 1999, when our High Priestess circled out of the Mother Coven. If you've ever yearned to embark on a spiritual journey, explore the ancient arts, and connect with like-minded souls, then you may have very well found home. 

In Circle of the Serpent, we are more than a coven; we are a family of the heart. We share a devotion to the craft and a reverence for the Old Gods. Our journey is guided by the ever-turning wheel of the year, as we honor and celebrate the cycles of nature through the 8 Sabbats, embrace timeless myths and stories in lunar celebrations, and seek enlightenment in the embrace of the Divine. We do our energy work and magick in our sacred space is in the heart of Northeast Fort Worth, TX, where we, as a diverse and connected group of folx, come together.  

Circle of the Serpent is a place where seekers can evolve into teachers and eventually elders, passing on the sacred knowledge to a new generation of witches. Our High Priestess, Gaelen Ananat, has been an active practitioner since the early 1990s. She and our High Priest Flynn, guide our circle with wisdom, compassion, and listening hearts. Gaelen's is dedicated to the Pagan community and can often be found leading and teaching in the community at large as well as in circle.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, magical exploration, and spiritual growth, Circle of the Serpent may be the place you seek. Come learn with like minds, practice the ancient craft, and walk your spiritual path.

For inquiries, contact Gaelen at 

Blessings & Peace!