Circle of the Serpent

Merry Meet! Welcome to Circle of the Serpent!

Who are the Serpents?

Circle of the Serpent is a Wiccan coven established in 1999.  We are a part of the American Tradition of the Goddess, also known as AmTrad, which began in Bedford, Texas, in the mid 1980’s.  A little bit about us:

To be part of a circle is to be part a family of the heart.  You are also in a ministerial training ground where one learns to teach and become an elder of this faith and pass on the knowledge to a new generation of witches.

The High Priestess is Gaelen Ananat.  She circled out Raven and the mother coven of this tradition, Circle of the Moon, in 1999.

Who is Gaelen?  

Gaelen Ananat has been walking the Wiccan path since the early 1990's. She has had her own active, teaching circle, Circle of the Serpent, in Amtrad, since 1999.  Gaelen and her circle have been contributing and volunteering in the North Texas Pagan Community since the 1990's.  For nine years, she co-facilitated her own weekend event, Goddess Rising, with Raven of Circle of the Moon, and a crew of wonderful volunteers.  She presents publicly on numerous Pagan and Wiccan topics. In the past, she has presented Wiccan Sabbats and moon rites at events such as United Earth Assembly (UEA), Covenant of the Goddess' Merry Meet, Betwixt & Between Community Center, Council of Magickal Arts, Goddess Rising, Sacred Journey Fellowship, and Amy Martin/Earth Rhythm Winter Solsticelebrations. Currently, she presents regularly at the Texas Local Council of CoG's Classes in Addison, Arlington, and online. She also believes deeply in interfaith and celebrating the many paths to the Divine. 

Gaelen is currently open to students at this time. 

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