Circle of the Earth, Sea, & Sky

The covenstead for Circle of the Earth, Sea & Sky is located in Burleson, Texas. This is a new granddaughter circle emerging as part of the family of covens in the American Tradition of the Goddess, also known as AmTrad, which began in Bedford, Texas, in the mid 1980s. As with the many covens of Amtrad, the teachings are of Earth magic, that of celebrating and honoring all forms of life, seen and unseen, that of healing and caring for our Mother Earth , becoming in tune with her energies and finding balance within ourselves and Nature. We honor and teach of the Goddess in her triple forms (Maiden, Mother, Crone), and of the God in his triple forms (Warrior, Father, Sage), and of course the teachings that encompass walking the path while honoring the Wiccan Rede. This tradition teaches acceptance and tolerance of many cultures and religions and their pantheons; native American, Celtic, Asian, Germanic, Nordic, Greek, Roman and many others.

The High Priestess is Delfin Pythia. She started walking the Wiccan path as a solitaire in 1998. She came to find a spiritual home and family of the heart in the Circle of the Serpent in 2001. Circling and growing with this group for seven years, she began to find her focus in divination and rune magic. In 2008 she received her 3rd degree and is beginning the journey of forming her own coven. She has also been a member of Widsith since 2003, a seidh group which focuses on seidh magic, journeying and oracle training with its background being Norse and Germanic. She is also a member of the Texas Local Council of The Covenant of the Goddess (also known as COG). She is also a mother of four and grandmother of five and still considers herself young at heart and even with all this, considers herself always a student of life.

The traditional rainbow year of classes are as follows:

  • Ethics and Etiquette
  • History of the Craft
  • The Goddess
  • The God
  • Moon Phases
  • Tools of the Craft
  • Elements
  • Sacred Space
  • The Wheel of the Year-Yule to Beltane
  • The Wheel of the Year-Midsummer to Samhain
  • Ritual Writing
  • Meditation
  • Divination
  • Energy and Trust
  • Guides: animals, spirits, and faery
  • Herbs
  • Stones
  • Trees

Students are able to attend the coven's full moons and sabbats after attending the Ethics and Etiquette class. Once a student becomes an initiate he or she is able to attend new moons as well. Female initiates also observe the female mysteries at new moon, which are referred to as Blood Moons, and males initiates may observe the male mysteries at full moons which are referred to as Stag Moons. If you choose to be a part of a coven, be sure to ask a lot of questions first. Be sure to visit the Seekers Bill of Rights.

Feel free to direct any questions to