Circle of the Birch & Crow

Circle of the Birch and Crow is a Wiccan Coven located in Wylie, TX (DFW area). We honor the old gods through Earth-based spirituality and celebrate the cycles of Mother Earth, phases of the moon, and the eight Sabbats. We are lifelong seekers of magical mysteries and knowledge, and focus on bringing a deeper meaning of magic into our everyday lives. Our current members come from a place of previous study and have their own set of gifts to offer. We explore a broad range of magical topics and enjoy focusing on different healing and divination skills. We embrace life’s journey in service to the goddess to unlock our untapped potential and in turn hope to offer guidance to others.

The magic of the sacred Birch Tree is a symbol of new beginnings, birth, hope, manifestation, healing, medicine, the light, and the Goddess. Crow magic is connected to Dark Goddess,  mysteries, wisdom, the Otherworld, dark healing, death, insight, intuition, fearlessness, intelligence. When we combine the magic of the Birch and the Crow together, we are reminded that all things come full circle and are reborn through duality. The light does not exist without shadow. Tapping into the balance of the light of the Birch Tree and the shadow of the Crow sets us on the path to truly know ourselves. This creates self-healing, empowerment, and allows the individual to go deeper into service with deity and humanity.

Terra Wolfe is the High Priestess of  Circle of the Birch and Crow. She began studying with Circle of the Wild Wood in late 2012. She initiated in 2014 and practiced for 8 years under the guidance of Rhys, the High Priestess of Circle of the Wild Wood. On 2/16/2020, Rhys initiated Terra Wolfe as 3rd Degree High Priestess.

You can check out our Facebook page at or contact Terra Wolfe.