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In Circle of Neptune and Dreams we aspire to follow the cycles of the sky. We study the stars to better understand the energies pulling us through our lives. As we observe the moon phases and changing sabbats, we practice magic in our daily lives and reflect how we change with the seasons. We strive to exercise our bodies with our minds to stretch and reach our full potential as we walk with the goddess. By taking care of ourselves we work to honor the deity inside of us and recognize our power through tantric practice. We do not shy away from the dark or the light and choose instead to walk a path of balance both in our lives and in our souls. Through love, guidance, and the support of the goddess, I believe everyone can find and embrace their inner power.

I stumbled across paganism in 1994 and practiced as a solitaire for many years before finding the American Tradition of the Goddess in 2015. After joining in Circle of the Ancient Mother, I received my third degree in 2023. I work with a wide range of deities, predominantly The Morrigan, Poseidon and Lilith. My specialties are astrology, crystals, palmistry and working with kundalini energy.

Skye Aurelia